The Memoirs Of A Scandalous Enigma – Mata Hari From Berger Books

by Hannah Means Shannon

One of the new line of Berger Books titles at Dark Horse, Mata Hari tells the tale of a controversial historical figure, a woman who became known as the infamous “stripper spy” who met a grisly fate.

The myths and legends about her blur with the truth we can excavate and her violent death at the hands of a French firing squad only furthered the mysteries surrounding her.

Writer Emma Beeby (Judge Dredd), artist Ariela Kristantina (InSEXts), and colorist Pat Masioni (Unknown Soldier) bring us the story of this “original femme fatale” which has been based on research into original M15 files in the UK.
In the first issue of the series, we’ll meet Mata Hari on the eve of her execution as she writes her memoir. Telling us her own story, we’ll hear the romantic tale of a Javanese princess who performed “sacred” nude dances for Europe’s elite, and the real-life saga of a disgraced wife and mother.

Mata Hari faces trial for treason and espionage, but there’s another story to tell from her past that few have heard. But who was the real Mata Hari?

Here’s an extended preview of the first issue of the series courtesy of Dark Horse:

Mata Hari #1 (of five) is on sale February 21, 2018 and is available for preorder at your local comic shop.

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