Please Stand By Trailer Sees Dakota Fanning On A Star Trek Adventure

by Erik Amaya

There was a time when the trappings of Star Trek fandom were unknown to wide audiences. Things like fanfic, conventions, and the Klingon language were strange curios of a misunderstood subculture. But as the years wore on — and two Trekkies documentaries were produced — more and more people learned about fandom. It was finally legitimized.
And that legitimization continues with Star Trek taking a special focus in the trailer for Please Stand By, an upcoming indie comedy starring Dakota Fanning as an autistic woman who journeys from San Francisco to Los Angeles in order to hand-deliver her Star Trek spec script contest entry. Being an indie roadtrip, some of the scrapes she gets into in the trailer may be familiar to anyone who’s watched as many independent films as Star Trek movies or television episodes.

Nonetheless, it looks charming enough. Particularly when Patton Oswalt appear as a nerdy LA cop well-versed in Klingon. But it also has a rather generic indie film feel about it, which may be down to the way the trailer is cut to appeal to indie audiences. But perhaps it will turn out to be something special when it debuts sometime in 2018.

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