Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5.11 Recap: Holt’s Deal With A Mobster Comes Back To Haunt Him

by Gary Catig

Captain Holt is having breakfast at his usual spot when Seamus Murphy serves him his food.  The mobster is ready to call in the favor he’s owed. His request doesn’t seem unreasonable.  All he needs is a permit for a block party. However, Holt knows better and suspects the party will be a cover for something criminal like a robbery, murder or something worse. It’s up to the crew of Brooklyn Nine-Nine to figure out the true motives.
[*Spoilers for 5.11 Ahead!]
Jake has an idea on how to determine Murphy’s plans and it was inspired by one of the greatest films ever made, The Godfather, or as Charles calls it, the Diane Keaton movie.  Peralta and Boyle are going to make friends with the Fredo equivalent of the Murphy crime family and hope he reveals whether there is an ulterior motive to the block party.
Their mark is Kyle, and he’s definitely the family weak link and screw up. His license picture is of him on a roller coaster and he attended the University of Arizona, Lake Havasu campus.  They gain Kyle’s trust due to their shared appreciation for the show Finding Bigfoot. Why can’t they find the mythical beast? He’s so big he should be easy to spot. Unfortunately, Kyle is so incompetent that he’s on the outs with his family for losing his Uncle Seamus’ car. He’s been kicked out of the family business and isn’t in the loop of the Murphys’ plans.
In order to get Kyle back into his family’s good graces, Jake decides to help his new friend find his uncle’s missing car. Luckily, the car was in the police impound lot and the detectives bug it before Kyle can return it. Through the bugs, they learn the block party is an excuse to divert an armored truck to an easier path to rob it. They are able to prevent the robbery while Holt came through with his favor.
After friending Kyle, Jake is worried that his new buddy is going to take the blame for the botched crime. He takes the Murphy screw up into protective custody under the guise of an arrest for unpaid parking tickets. Seamus realizes he’s been had and knows Holt is responsible for preventing his robbery. He meets with the captain in the same diner from the beginning and vows revenge by paying Holt’s husband, Kevin, a visit some time.

While Charles and Jake are investigating Seamus, Amy and Rosa set off to obtain the block party permits. Santiago is so excited as she loves paper work and bureaucracy. She even has all the proper forms filled out but finds a flaw in the system when she tries to submit them.  She and Diaz visit the woman who created all the bureaucratic forms for help but Amy becomes disillusioned when her hero purposely made a mistake making applying for the permit impossible.
If one form can contain mistakes, there are probably many more out there. Amy and Rosa sort through every single file that existed hoping to find a flaw they can exploit. Eventually they find one in the street closure request for the public humiliation of loose women. With Hitchcock’s help, they finally obtain their needed permits.
In the other side plot, Gina returns to work, but since she is a new mother, she needs a private area to pump. This doesn’t sit well with Scully and Hitchcock since its their nap room that’s converted. They are all in Gina’s business and find out she has been ditching work when she was supposed to be pumping. She’s been leaving work to go home and visit her baby since the transition back to work has been more difficult than she thought. Terry is sympathetic as he experienced the same problems when he resumed work after his children were born and the two bond.
Overall, this was a great midseason finale. They finally addressed the consequences of Holt’s deal early in the season and that was referenced in episode 9. It was interesting to see that the crew could have gotten away with pulling one over Seamus, but Jake had to save Kyle. It was the right thing to do, and it even lead to a scene where Holt expressed how proud he was of his detective, but it also lead to more trouble. Seamus is a worthy adversary and it’s a shame we have to wait until the spring to see how everything plays out.
My favorite three lines:
Gina:  Terry, juggling isn’t hard. That’s why the salary of jugglers is so low. Name one rich juggler.
Terry:  Doesn’t Dave Coulier juggle?
Gina:  If you’re reaching for Coulier, then you’ve already lost the argument, Terr-bear.

Rosa:  This is taking forever. Can’t you just forge the signatures?
Amy:  I’m a notary, Rosa. You can’t say stuff like that around me. I could lose my stamp over that.

Hitchcock:  Hi there, I would like to humiliate some hussies, and I’m in a hurry.

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