An Unholy Trinity Of Merlin, Morgana And Mordred: Unholy Grail #5 From AfterShock

by Olly MacNamee

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this Arthurian retelling, with more than a bit of Lovecraft mixed into it, from writer Cullen Bunn and artist Mirko Colak. So, we were always going to run a preview of this last issue if I had anything to do with it. It’s out on Wednesday, the 20th of December from AfterShock Comics; an unholy comic for the holiest of holidays. So, have at it, and feast you’re eyes on these pages below.

Arthur’s fatal encounter with Modred unfolds and the walls of Camelot topple. But in a world where Arthur was tutored by a demon-in-wizard’s clothing, will the legendary events unfold the way you expect? And—if they do—can Arthur find redemption before the killing blow is struck?

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