Casa Nostra Serves Up Revenge This Holiday Season

by James Ferguson

Among the presents under the tree this year perhaps you’d like a sampling of some ice cold revenge. That’s what’s in store from Casa Nostra, a new full color hardcover graphic novel arriving this month from UDON Entertainment. The comic picks up with a safe house and those that care for Chicago criminals being compromised. The only possible solution is revenge. Casa Nostra is written by Chris Sarracini and illustrated by Nick Kilislian.

Here’s the full description from the publisher:

In 1933, four women run a comforting safe house for Chicago criminals looking to lay low. But when the ladies find themselves violently betrayed by one of their distinguished guests, revenge becomes their new business. Daring heists, dirty money, infamous gangsters and Tommy guns are all a part of the plan in this original noir graphic novel.

UDON Entertainment CEO Erik Ko says:

We’re very selective about what we publish, but sometimes you just look at a project and know it needs to be out in the world. Casa Nostra was one of those projects.

Casa Nostra is only the sixth creator-owned graphic novel to be published by UDON Entertainment in the fifteen plus years it’s been in business. It is currently available at your local comic shop and will be available at book stores and Amazon on December 26th, 2017. It will also be available digitally through ComiXology.

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