2000AD Branch Out With An All Ages Comic On FCBD 2018: 2000AD Regened

by Olly MacNamee

Part of 2000AD’s appeal over the years has been its understanding of its readership and to not patronise that readership. But now its turning its attention to a new breed of readers. They’ve set their target sites on younger readers with a free comic 2000AD Regened for FCBD 2018. The strips are all new, originals featuring 2000AD favourites such as Judge Dredd–well, Cadet Dredd, that is–as well as Strontium Dog and D.R. and Quinch.

In this issue: Cadet Judge Dredd upholds the law in a blistering crime caper at an Aeroball game by Matt Smith and Neil Googe! Mutant bounty hunter Johnny Alpha earns his Strontium Dog badge from Alec Worley and Ben Willsher! Tharg’s Future Shockspresent the wonderful world of HumanCraft by Ned Hartley and Tanya Roberts! Help Chet Jetstream escape Hell Island with Henry Flint! Everyone’s favourite teenage alien delinquents return and they mean to cause some chaos in D.R. & Quinch Hijack Free Comic Book Day from Owen Michael Johnson, Colin Bell and INDIO!

Free Comic Book Day 2018 takes place on May 5th and it’s no better way to test the waters for a potentially new venture for Rebellion, the publishers of 2000AD. And why not? As an industry its worth considering where the next generation of readers will come from and a comic like this could well be the way forward. After all, Marvel and DC have been doing it for years with their animated antics and the like. Good move, 2000AD.

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