Funko Purchases UK-Based Animation Studio Called “A Large Evil Corporation”

by Hannah Means Shannon

We missed this news earlier in December, so in case you missed it too, toy manufacturer Funko have purchased a UK-based animation studio known as “A Large Evil Corporation“. Because, who can resist saying, “I work for A Large Evil Corporation”. It has a ring to it.
According to Funko’s blog, the company is also referred to as “Evil Corp” and was founded in 2006 in Bath, UK. The studio has already been producing animated shorts with Funko since 2014. The company will now be called “Funko Animation Studios” and founders Guy Thomson and Seth Watkins will stay on as General Managers.
Brian Mariotti, CEO of Funko, says:

Since 2014 we have produced the majority of our animated product videos with this innovative and fantastically creative studio and we are excited to move this function in house. We have seen firsthand how well received these shorts are from our fans and we look forward to continuing to produce these high caliber product videos while also creating original Funko content. As video becomes an increasingly important medium of communication, this will allow us to better create content to support and promote our brand and our products globally.

Those animated Funko shorts that feature Marvel characters were made by A Large Evil Corporation, some of which we’ve even featured on They were well received, and are quite lovely little videos.
“Spellbound,” debuted in November 2016, featuring the characters of Iron Man, Spider-Man and Loki and reached over 1.1 million view. More shorts followed with over 5 million views.
A new season of shorts has already launched, with more to come in 2018, according to Funko.

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