Navid Negahban To Play Amahl Farouk In Legion’s Second Season

by Erik Amaya


Speaking about the upcoming second of season of Legion, creator Noah Hawley told journalists assembled at the Television Critics Association winter press tour that actor Navid Negahban will play Amahl Farouk following the departure of Saïd Taghmaoui in November of last year. Negahban has appeared on series like The Shield and Homeland. He is also the voice of Dead Space‘s Dr. Challus Mercer.
On Legion, Farouk is the notorious Shadow King, the invading entity plaguing David Haller (Dan Stevens) all his life. More recently, Farouk took on the form of Lenny (Aubrey Plaza) to further his own mysterious goals. It is currently unclear if the Negahban version of Farouk will be part of the present day narrative or exist only in flashbacks. In fact, little is known about the second season at all. Hawley said it will begin with a time jump following the first season’s twin cliffhangers and see David as a sane mane facing an insane world.
Considering how well the series conveyed David’s sense of madness, claustrophobia and other conditions, it will be interesting to see the show confronts group psychosis — if that’s where it’s going.
Hawley also revealed a “dance battle” will be part of the season, as will David’s continued attempts to understand the Shadow King.
For me, the new season cannot come soon enough. Legion turned out to be such a surprise with its intricate and cinematic scope. Stevens is also a strong lead with great support from actors like Rachel Keller, Jean Smart and Jemaine Clement.
Legion returns in April on FX.
(h/t: Legion Twitter Account, Aaron Pruner)

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