UNBOXING Lootcrate: “Explore” Takes You To New Worlds

by Hannah Means Shannon

Explore” is a pretty inspiring theme for December 2017’s Lootcrate that recently arrived, probably a little delayed by the extreme weather on the East Coast of the USA recently. After having been frozen and snowed in for a few days, I was definitely ready for an Unboxing!
This time I am actually very into the “pin” included in the “Explore” box, partly because it looks so retro and old-school. It went straight onto the pocket of my jean jacket.

Inside, I found a vinyl figure for Overwatch that seems very well designed and a nice size for a desk or shelf display. While I’m not a gamer, I know people who will want this item.

There was also a nice Destiny t-shirt with a cool design which will be easily finding a home. My dogs took a great interest in it–maybe they are closet gamers and I just haven’t caught them in the act.

Just in time for the new year, a Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 16 month calendar–woot! Yes, I found this pretty exciting as a person who gets enthusiastic about office supplies and all things Guardians.
The stylized interior art on the calendar is lovely. Though I’m a biased Guardians enthusiast, I can’t help but claiming that anyone will enjoy this calendar.

Also a very quality item, and the stand-out in the “Explore” box is a 64 page graphic novella, square-bound, from IDW’s Star Wars: Adventures line. This gave me a solid preview of what the Star Wars: Adventures line is like, a full reading experience, and plenty of exposure to the art style. Thumbs up. This is an interesting series you should check out.

Here you can see the square binding on the 64 page story from IDW. I noticed that Lootcrate Magazine did not appear in this box, but rather a checklist card. Perhaps the magazine is no more? Too bad, since I thought it showed a lot of personality for the company, but as someone who has run magazines myself, I know they are expensive to produce and time consuming to put together.

All in all, this “Explore” box showed a lot of imagination and enthusiasm for the theme, bringing us far corners of the galaxy in different ways. It’s a box that kept Lootcrate’s goals fresh in an era with a lot of collector box competition. Once again, this one was worth the subscription price for sure.
Find out more at Lootcrate about their boxes.

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