A Lotta Ottla In This Issue: Kid Lobotomy #4 From Black Crown

by Olly MacNamee

This week brings you a fourth issue of this well received comic book from writer Peter Milligan and artist Tess Fowler with colours by Lee Loughridge, and we have a preview of the issue, out this Wednesday, with a firm focus on Ottla, the shapeshifting chambermaid of the freakiest hotel you could imagine, and the name shared by Franz Kafka’s real world sister. Coincidence? I think not.

As loyal and surprisingly complex chambermaid Ottla searches for Kid—who’s been dragged away by Big Daddy—she’s gripped by a tragic memory. What unspeakable things was she forced to do to fulfill Big Daddy’s King Lear fantasies? Is the Suites playing its weird tricks? Will Kid have a drill shoved into his head? Why is Cordelia getting fat?  Find out this and more in the cracked looking glass Shakespearean tragedy that is “A Lad Insane, Part Four:  The Chambermaid’s Tale.”

Enjoy your bizarre ride to the weird side below.

Kid Lobotomy #4 is out Wednesday, the 24th of January from Black Crown at IDW.

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