You Can Now Get A ‘Ghost’ Themed Wine With Adam Hughes Art Courtesy Of Dark Horse

by Hannah Means Shannon

Ghost is a character you might most recently associated with the ethereal artwork of Adam Hughes, but she originally appeared in Dark Horse anthology, Comics’ Greatest World, in 1993. While Hellboy spawned a fiery whisky last year, Ghost has inspired a new wine in a collaboration between Dark Horse and the Oregon-based Blakeslee Vineyard Estate.

In Ghost, Elisa believes she is dead, a ghost doomed to walk the Earth with no memory of her past life. As she struggles to make sense of her situation, she learns that she is the victim of an experiment gone terribly wrong. Elisa finds an ally who helps piece together her past life and uncover the secret project that suggests she may not be dead after all. Personally, I loved the crossover between Ghost and Hellboy in 1996.

The new wine is a 2015 Ghost Pinot Noir, which is available now for purchase at Blakeslee Vineyard Estate Tasting Room in Sherwood, and on their website. You can also contact the Blakeslee Vineyard Estate Tasting Room directly at 503-625-6902.

The 2015 Ghost Pinot Noir is packaged in a black matte two-pack collector box and is a limited edition of 300 hand-numbered boxes. The selling price for the two-pack collector boxes is $250.00 (not including shipping).

Dark Horse President Mike Richardson says:

I’m very excited to work with the Blakeslee family to honor a beloved Dark Horse creation. Ghost is an important character for Dark Horse and represents a time of growth for the company. It’s a special thing to honor the character and its impact more than 20 years later. Did I mention that the wine in the bottle, much like the character Ghost, is out of this world?

The 2015 Ghost Pinot Noir is a limited edition collector’s item and is only available domestically in the United States.

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