A Murderer Finds Love At The End Of The F***ing World On Netflix

by Tito W. James

Alyssa is looking for the next thrill, James is looking for his next kill. Two misfit teens on the road and on the run–from the law and from themselves.
The characters inhabit an absurdist world of weirdos and malcontents. What starts off as Alyssa and James running away from home escalates into a series of crimes. The two female officers that pursue the teens also have an awkward romance that is just as funny as the protagonists’.
The End Of The F***ing World may be too bizarre for some viewers but if the trailer piqued your interest then you’ll be treated to a story that blurs the lines between comedy and tragedy. The show is currently streaming on Netflix and you can purchase the graphic novel that inspired the series by Chuck Forsman here.

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