The Legends Of Tomorrow Face A War In A Preview Of The Series’ Return

by Erik Amaya

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is about to return and, it seems, Mallus (John Noble) is ready to return with them. He is some sort of trans-dimensional entity leaking into Earth-1’s timestream thanks to the Legends’ fight with the Reverse-Flash (Matt Letscher) and his Legion of Doom last season. Now Mallus has his own Legion and the Legends must prepare for war. And if this preview of upcoming episodes is any indication, they’ll need the help of John Constantine (Matt Ryan) and Leonard Snart (Wentworth Miller) in the battle to come.

But since this is Legends, you have to wonder if Mallus is a wholly new threat or something buried deep in the team’s past. Considering how important their individual histories have been this year, it is not a bad guess. Or, maybe, we’re looking in the wrong direction by expecting some sort of smirking reveal when Mallus crosses over into Earth-1’s conventional reality. Perhaps he’s been the thing truly motivating events all along. Shame that there isn’t some sort of intelligence monitoring the multiverse for these sorts of threats.
Legends of Tomorrow returns February 12th on The CW.

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