Nima Is A Water Nymph To Die For

by Tito W. James

Nima is a graphic novel by Enrique Fernandez funded on Spaceman Project. The story is about water nymphs that seduce men in order to reproduce–then kill them. Nima however, wants more than sex. She desires love.
Note: The art presented here is from the Spaceman Project. There are some slight changes in the final printed version.

The plot is so similar to Disney’s Pocahontas that it might strike some readers as clichéd. Pocahontas is my favorite Disney film, so I didn’t mind.

The humans in the story communicate through pictorial speech-bubbles while the nymphs and magical creatures have traditional text. It’s a creative way to communicate the story from the nymphs’ perspective and incorporates a technique that can only be done in comics. Overall, the art is lovely and quite unlike anything one usually sees in American comics.

Nima offers a unique vision for a traditional star-crossed lovers story. Fernandez has set the bar high for graphic novels published by Spaceman Project. Hopefully, Nima will be available to all interested readers some time soon.

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