Are Heroes’ Lives Ruled By Violence? The Mighty Crusaders #3 Gives An Honest Take

by Hannah Means Shannon

Archie Comics’ classic superhero series reborn returned this week for The Mighty Crusaders #3. Written by Ian Flynn (who’s now on the main Archie title, too), and drawn by Kelsey Shannon and Ryan Jampole, with colors by Matt Herms, and letters by Jack Morelli, the series is a fresh new take on heroes, all with a female lead. It’s very much worth checking out.
Covers this week are by Kelsey Shannon with Matt Herms, Tom Feister, and Phil Jimenez with Kelly Fitzpatrick.

This issue is called “Ambush”, so you know they’ll be trouble as the Mighty Crusaders are on the attack against the Eliminators. This is definitely a big fight scene of a comic and the introduction of a new big bad: The Dream Demon.
Check out these artful pages of our heroes facing violence once again:

The Mighty Crusaders #3 arrived on February 14th, 2018 from Archie Comics.

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