Jung Byung-gil To Direct Afterburn Adaption

by Erik Amaya


The adaptation of Red 5 Comics’ Afterburn finally has a director.
Deadline reports Korean filmmaker Jung Byung-gil will helm the production, which is set to star Gerard Butler. Created by Paul Ens, Scott Chitwood, and Wayne Nichols, the series was set in a near-future following the arrival of a devastating solar flare. While Earth’s technological civilization was shattered, man’s quest for riches remains. One man, Jake, attempts to uncover the loot left behind after the disaster, but must face other treasure seekers and mutated survivors to get his hands on the rich stuff. His latest quest might be the toughest: retrieve the Mona Lisa from an irradiated Paris.
Butler has been attached to the project for sometime. According to Deadline, it has been a passion project he’s been tending to between movies like Geostorm. The plan is to initiate another franchise for Butler, whose Has Fallen series will being production on a third film soon.
Afterburn may go into production this summer.

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