So Much Mighty Mouse, So Little Time To Save The Day

by Hannah Means Shannon

This week, Dynamite Entertainment has released their first trade paperback collection of the inestimable Mighty Mouse in comic form, a series that had some seriously awesome variant covers by comics greats along the way. Let’s hope they are all present in this 120 page volume, which itself has an Alex Ross cover.
Written by Sholly Fisch, and drawn by Igor Lima, the five issues and the series plus bonus content bring you the story of the world’s greatest hero (Yes, he is!! C’mon!) exiled to another dimension and bedeviled by aberrant physics. The only person who believes he exists is a kid who has problems of his own.
As Dynamite describe Mighty Mouse, he’s the: “shining light that this drab, cynical world needs to restore its color and life”. Even if he is a cartoon mouse. He’s going to make his way into the “real world” to entertain and delight in this collected edition.
You need to make time in your schedule to read this 120 page tribute to the little hero.
Here’s an extensive preview from Dynamite:

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