New Ready Player One Trailer Amps Up The Drama

by Erik Amaya

Warner Bros. released a new trailer for its upcoming Ready Player One which takes the opposite tack from previous previews. Instead of focusing on the action and the pop-culture references, it discusses the apparent drama of the film. When the founder of an online world called the Oasis dies, his last will and testament opens up on contest in the game. Solve his scavenger hunt and get ownership of the Oasis. Because the world is otherwise crappy, controlling the Oasis is a big deal. And it seems it will lead to a war in real life and the virtual world.

Oh, and then there’s that nice long sequence with the Iron Giant.
As always I am of two minds with this movie. I’m not fond of Ernest Cline as a writer, but it is possible director Steven Spielberg cleaned up the mess and made the main character slightly sympathetic. But if nothing else, the use of King Kong and the DeLorean look cool.
Ready Player One opens on March 23rd.

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