Battling The Nevermind In The Past And Present In Birthright #30

by James Ferguson

At long last, we see how Mikey joined forces with Lore to invade our world. The evil king delivered a low blow by showing the Chosen One how his absence has destroyed his family back home. This is shown as a flashback of sorts as Mikey’s grandfather sifts through his memories in an effort to free him of the Nevermind that connects him to Lore.

This internal struggle serves as a nice framing device for Birthright #30. In the past, Mikey is teaming up with Lore while in the present, they’re working to sever that connection. The story bounces between the two seamlessly, crafting a great story, culminating in a final confrontation between the two entities.
The images of Mikey watching his father are heartbreaking. Although he’s now a man, he’s still a little boy that wants to hug his dad. It’s this moment that pushes him over the edge to finally accept Lore’s offer. This was done, not with fists or threats, but by just showing the pain Mikey has left as a result of his adventures in Terranos. This might have seemed exciting and fun for a kid to get whisked off to a fantasy world to fight bad guys, however it’s shattered his family back home.

I’m never going to get tired of turning a page in Birthright and finding a double page spread from artist Andrei Bressan. He delivers such epic work that really showcasing the size and scale of Terranos. Spreads like these are jaw-dropping. They’re images that you can stare at for ages, going over each and every little detail, just taking it all in. It should go without saying that they’re all worthy of framing and hanging on a wall.
This epic quality is matched by the characters themselves, particularly with the Nevermind, which is shown as a monstrous version of Mikey, with claw-like hands and cloven feet. It’s very creepy stuff. At some points, the Nevermind is shown as a floating mass of blood and sinew with barely distinguishable human features. You can see how it would get inside someone, sticking to their insides like gum on your shoe.

While Birthright #30 serves as a nice conclusion to certain aspects of the story, there are only a few moments for the characters to find their bearings. Their battle against Lore is not over, nor is it about to get any easier. That being said, there are some terrific moments where Mikey finally meets his daughter that are filled with hope.
Family is so important to Birthright. We see all different sides of Mikey’s family here and how they’ve been able to pull him back from the brink. It’s his parents that got him out of his own head and it’s his daughter that will presumably keep him grounded. Writer Joshua Williamson has made these characters feel real and natural, like they’re old friends or distant relatives. It makes their trials and tribulations all the more harrowing. Bottom line: This is just great storytelling.
Birthright #30 is currently available from Skybound/Image at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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