Animated Batman Fan-Film On Indiegogo Features Poison Ivy And Superman

by Tito W. James

Alexander Snow is an animation veteran who’s worked on everything from Big Hero 6 to Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Snow seeks to crowd-fund a 5-8 minute 2D animated Batman fan-film titled The Vinok’s Apatite. You can check out his Indiegogo pitch video below.

When Poison Ivy steals a Jewel Encrusted Flower Crown from the Gotham Museum of Art, Batman must stop her.

The animated short features new character designs. Snow’s Batman is influenced by The Dark Knight Returns complete with Carrie Kelley as Robin. Superman’s design reflects an older version of the character as seen in Kingdom Come but still light-hearted. Poison Ivy’s design is purposefully less promiscuous and more practical.

The tone of the film will be comedic without skimping on the action- and if the poster-art is any indication it will have a kind of retro-classic look mixed with newer versions of the main characters. All in all, this looks to be a superheroic project that’s sure to delight fans young and old.
You can support The Vinok’s Apatite right now on Indiegogo.

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