An Epidemic Of ‘The Mindless’ In Bonehead #3 This Week From Top Cow/Image

by Hannah Means Shannon

This week sees the arrival of the third issue of futuristic tech-driven drama Bonehead from Top Cow at Image Comics. In this week’s issue, the gangs might have to work together to take on a terrible threat—the spread of a street drug that’s creating vegetative states resulting in a proliferation of “The Mindless”.
Written by Bryan Hill, with art by Rhoald Marcellius with colors by Sakti Yuwono and letters by Jaka Ady, Bonehead has been bringing gangs of parkour-loving hoodlums, police-like opposition in the form of “Gladiators”, and advanced tech to comics in interesting ways.

Here’s a look at Bonehead #3, which arrived in shops today, Wednesday, March 14th, 2018:

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