John Layman And Joe Eisma Announced On Charlie’s Angels At Dynamite

by Hannah Means Shannon

Back at New York Comic Con 2017, we learned that Dynamite Entertainment had partnered to produce Charlie’s Angels comics, but the creative team hadn’t yet been announced.

Today, they revealed that the uber-talented John Layman (Chew, Mars Attacks) and remarkable artist Joe Eisma (Big Trouble in Little China, Faith) would be creating the Charlie’s Angels series.
This really is an all-star team up that promises to deliver a very funny and beautiful book and it’s set to arrive in June 2018.

Based on the TV series, the comic will send the original Angels, Jill, Kelly, and Sabrina, on a “globe-trotting adventure with fabulous 1970s flair”.
Charlie’s Angels #1 will feature multiple cover variants, including one by the team of David Finch and Jimmy Reyes, as well as two different covers by series artist Eisma.

John Layman says:

Charlie’s Angels wasn’t a dark and gritty show; it was breezy fun set in an era that’s inherently silly, so you better believe I’m going to embrace that wholeheartedly.  I also plan on doing stuff that could never have been done on the show, given the limitations of a ‘70s TV budget. Comics aren’t constrained like that, so this is going to be a ‘bigger budget’ Charlie’s Angels, seeing the Angels in exotic locations, taking on cases that are bigger and more exciting than what we ever saw in the show. And I get to work with Joe Eisma, who is a pal and somebody I’ve always wanted to work with.

Joe Eisma adds:

Working on Charlie’s Angels is a win-win all around for me. I get to work on a fantastic property with John Layman, someone whose insane scripts I’ve wanted to draw since forever. I love this era, and to get to draw an action series starring three beautiful ladies is a dream come true! I’m so grateful to Matt Idelson and the crew at Dynamite — they’ve been the absolute best. Visually, my goal is to portray the Angels as strong and powerful, with the confidence and toughness to handle any dangerous situation. Each of them has their own specialty that they bring to the team, and I plan to define that through their body language and personalities. I’m also looking forward to drawing their snazzy 70s attire! I think fans are in for a treat with this comic book series! With John and I involved, you can expect a lot of action, drama and humor, with attention and care paid to getting the feel and characterizations of Charlie’s Angels right.

The iconic TV series originally followed the crime-fighting adventures of three powerful women working in a Los Angeles private detective agency for the mysterious and unseen Charlie Townsend and ran to over 100 episodes.
Charlie’s Angels will be solicited in Diamond Comic Distributors’ April 2018 Previews catalog and slated for release in June 2018.

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