Advance Review: Danger Lurks Around Every Corner In Steampunk Neo-Noir Series Analog

by Brendan M. Allen

Five years from now: the security of the internet has been totally destroyed. Secrets are no longer sent over the web, they’re entrusted to armed couriers called “Ledger Men,” like human punching-bag Jack McGinnis. He’s got a gun in one hand and a briefcase handcuffed to the other. Danger lurks around every corner, and Jack has to watch his back—because he had a part in the cyber attack that changed the world. Get in on the ground floor of this new ongoing series and thrill as we slam Jack’s fist into the faces of spies, mercs, fascists, and eventually less punchable adversaries like a very grumpy artificial intelligence. From your new favorite artist, DAVID O’SULLIVAN, and GERRY DUGGAN, The New York Times bestselling author of such indie titles as Deadpool, Star Wars: Chewbacca, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Uncanny Avengers!

How do you write a classic noir story realistically set in the near future? Take away the internet. Or, leave the internet, but make it completely useless for anything but porn. Gerry Duggan uses an event called “The Great Doxxing” to annihilate any illusion of internet security. This is the cataclysmic event no one is prepared for.
Think about that for one quick second. You’re probably reading this on a phone or a tablet. A device that has your entire life on it. Your banking info, email, passwords, browsing history, private photos, video…all stored on that little piece of plastic, glass, and voodoo. Of course, you probably have nothing to hide, but how would your life change if all of that info was instantly public record?
If secrets are currency, here’s the new Great Depression.
Duggan gives us a scenario wrought with absolute anguish and despair, but somehow the world continues with the same stubborn courage it always has. Things look bad now, but this new world isn’t completely without hope. People just might have to learn to be decent humans again to survive this, the lowest point in modern history.
David O’Sullivan’s pencils and Jordie Bellaire’s palette bring the script to the page in a way that is true to Duggan’s steampunk/post-fascist/neo-noir vision. Duggan describes Analog’s art as “chaotic, beautiful, and repulsive, sometimes on the same page.” Yeah. That about sums it up.
Analog strips away the curtain of the mystical, magical internet for a generation that has never known anything but instant streaming, two-day shipping, selfies, and free nudie pics. Turns out, what’s left is a 70’s style gritty noir. I’m into it. Let’s kick this pig.

Analog #1, published by Image Comics, releases 04 April 2018. Written by Gerry Duggan, art by David O’Sullivan, colored by Jordie Bellaire, lettered by Joe Sabino.

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