The Feds Are Closing In On The Kingdom In Grass Kings #13

by Brendan M. Allen

War returns to the Grass Kingdom.

The previous chapter of Grass Kings kicked off the third and final arc in Matt Kindt and Tyler Jenkins’ backwoods murder mystery. Everything’s falling apart for King Robert, the Kingdom, and probably Cargill as well. By the end of chapter 12, alliances are forged, huge clues are dropped regarding the identity of the Thin Air Killer, we rehash some of Humbert’s daddy issues, and the Feds have the Kingdom surrounded with heavily armed ground troops and APCs, ready to raze the place to the ground.

In the opening sequence of Grass Kings #13, Bruce catches a break in the TAK case, but he may be too late to do anything productive with the information. The FBI has drawn their own conclusion, and by the sixth page, shots are fired and the Kingdom takes its first casualty. Matt Kindt has done a bang up job building the tension to this final standoff. Everything has built to this precise moment, and I’m ridiculously excited to see the proverbial manure hit the fan.

I can’t say enough about how expertly crafted this story has been thus far. Matt Kindt has taken entire chapters to explore each of the principals’ personal history and relationships. He’s steadily ramped up the intensity while dropping little nuggets all over the place about who killed Ms. Handel and why everyone’s obsessed with the case. By the end of 13, you might have a pretty good idea of what’s what. You might. And you might still be wrong. That’s how blasted good this script is.

Tyler and Hilary Jenkins absolutely kill on art duties. It’s as if those two share some sort of crazy connection that allows them to work really well as a team or something… Tyler’s scratchy linework is somehow equally suited to tender moments and violent action sequences. Hilary’s watercolors are beautifully subdued, giving the story a timeless aesthetic. I actually don’t even know if this story takes place in the eighties or right now.

Grass Kings is an insane roller coaster, and the ride’s almost over. Kindt and the Jenkins have really built something special here. This is a book that’s going to be talked about for a good long while. And while I’m not sure exactly where we’re headed, I promise it won’t be boring.

Grass Kings #13, published by BOOM! Studios, released on the 14th of March 2018. Created by Matt Kindt (script) and Tyler Jenkins (illustration), color by Hilary Jenkins, letters by Jim Campbell.

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