DC Comics Teen Titans To Be ‘Relaunched’ With All New Characters Including Lobo’s Daughter!?

by Olly MacNamee

With the Teen Titans comic seemingly about to come to an end, it was good to discover that plans are already afoot to continue the series and the group, albeit with an almost brand new cast, including several all-new characters. That was the news coming out of WonderCon over the weekend, and as a long time Teen Titans fan, I couldn’t be happier sharing this news with you all.
For me, gambling on a set of unknowns was what made Marv Wolfman and George Perez’s All New Teen Titans such a great read back in the day. So, I’m looking forward to this new reiteration courtesy of writer Adam Glass and artist Bernard Chang with a little help on the design work of the new members, Crush (lobo’s daughter he doesn’t know!), Djinn and Roundhouse from re-hot artist, Jorge Jiménez. Rounding off the crew seems to be Robin (as wise-ass leader), Speedy and Kid Flash. Looks promising from these sketches alone.
Here’s how they look and a sneak peek at what is presumably the cover to their first ongoing issue (#20, so no new #1).




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