Titans Clash As Hal And Zod Square Off In Hal Jordan And The GLC #41

by James Ferguson

In this corner, the high-flying highball, the greatest Green Lantern of them all, Hal Jordan! And in this corner, the scourge of Krypton, the general with no generosity, Zod! Let’s get ready to rumble! Reunited with his ring, Hal is taking the fight to the General in a brutal mano-y-mano throwdown. Sure, Zod has wiped the floor with the Lanterns twice already, but this time Hal is full of anger and adrenaline so he’s pulling out all the stops.

Artist Brandon Peterson has outdone himself with Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #41. The majority of this issue consists of this fight and it is truly epic. Zod may be eternally feuding with Superman, but Hal Jordan represents a suitable foe for the Kryptonian warlord. They are both experts on the battlefield and are completely relentless. Plus, Zod would never get a fight like this out of Superman. Sure, the powers would be similar, but Hal is going to come at this at an entirely different angle than Clark would.
Everyone else stands to the side to let these two titans go at it, including a number of Green Lanterns, Zod’s family, and the people of Jekuul. They’re all watching in awe as huge green constructs explode overhead. You can’t help but get excited as each punch is thrown. Not to diss the DC movies like Batman vs. Superman or Justice League, but if they had a modicum of the energy on display in this comic, they would be looked at very differently in pop culture.

Peterson’s lines are crisp and clean, highlighting the details of each of the warriors in this monumental clash. Tomeu Morey’s colors accentuate these points, particularly with the constructs, creating this green-hued fireworks in the sky. The green light from Hal’s ring meets the red light from Zod’s heat vision in bombastic fashion that looks nothing like Christmas.
Some of Hal’s dialogue is a little cheesy, but it works so well for the character and this particular situation. Writer Robert Venditti perfectly encapsulates everything this guy stands for. Hal is in his element here. He’s in the spotlight and everyone is depending on him to put Zod down. The other Lanterns recognize this and step back, not just to stay out of his way but to sit and marvel at this man hurling pure willpower.

All of this builds to an incredible scene of Hal putting the cuffs on Zod in victory. Guy Gardner looks on and remarks “Damn, do I hate that I love that guy.” It’s perfect. Then, moments later, the Guardians arrive to rain on this parade. They gave an order not to interfere with Zod and despite the Kryptonian’s many crimes, he won’t be going to a sciencell. He’s free to go.
Zod is painted as a wronged ruler. He was minding his own business when the Lanterns swooped in and attacked. It’s frustrating to watch this play out because everyone knows that Zod is a bad guy in more ways than one. They have him against the ropes here and they can stop him before he does something even worse. Instead, he’s released to plot against the Green Lantern Corps and others nearby. Although we didn’t get to see him behind bars, this does leave things open for Zod to return, if not here, than in other titles. He’s even more of a threat now with what he was able to learn from Kyle’s ring while it was in his possession.

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps is a fantastic read from beginning to end. It is an action-packed, explosive comic and an absolute dream for a Green Lantern fan. Robert Venditti is doing some terrific work here, which is why I’m super bummed that he’ll be leaving the title soon. If this is what he’s doing now, I can only imagine what he’ll do for a finale.
Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #41 is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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