C2E2 2018: The DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow Panel With Caity Lotz, Brandon Routh & Dominic Purcell

by Hannah Means Shannon

The DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Panel at C2E2 featured Caity Lotz, Brandon Routh, and Dominic Purcell.
These “three originals” from the show were asked what it’s like welcoming new people onto the show.
Routh said that it’s strange because you never truly know when people are gone or coming back at some point.
Lotz says she forgets that they are the originals because it feels normal when other people turn up.
Purcell described Routh as a “comic genius” playing a “wonderfully innocent, goofy, and sweet-hearted” character. Which he’s also like in real life, Purcell laughed.
Talking about Lotz’s character Sara, she said that she’s always felt that Sara should be the boss, even on Arrow. Her way of leading the team, though, is very democratic.
Routh said that Courtney Ford, who plays Nora Darhk, who is also his wife, came on board for only a few episodes, but that led to 10, since she knocked it out of the park. He knew she could go “full evil”, he said, to audience laughter. They’ve played romantic opposites before, but her villain status here is new.
Purcell said that he hasn’t often had opportunities to do comedy so far, and having that now is great. He usually has to be a “tough guy” but now he gets to be funny, too, even though his character doesn’t know he’s as funny as he is.

Lotz said that art does mirror life since their characters are “very close to who we are”. And the cast are all friends so that “trust” builds the show, Purcell added.
Asked about filming the crossovers between the CW shows, Lotz said “logistically it’s a nightmare” but getting to work with so many different actors is wonderful. Lotz said that sometimes working on them you’d wake up and not know which show you were about to be on, with some filming during the day, and some at night.
Routh said that Ray has had some “challenges in life” but it keeps coming back to finding “love for humanity” to keep him going. Routh tries to infuse that into the character to keep things going. The journey for Ray is “unexpected” but an “opportunity” with Nora, and more fully realized on Monday’s final episode. Ray is seeing if people can change and be different via Nora, Routh said.
Asked where in history they’d like to see the Legends go where they haven’t gone, Lotz said she’d like to see more of Egypt, though they have been there. Routh would like to be part of the Revolutionary War stuff, which he didn’t really get to take part in, though that has been featured.
Purcell was asked if Mick Rory’s romance novel is going to come back. Purcell said he loves Mick’s “quirks” that add to his “mystique”. He seemed to confirm there will be more of this. Routh said he’d love if the Legends somehow got trapped in the book and had to act it out.
Asked about their favorite episodes, Lotz said the Death Witch episode was great, to have “super powers, finally”, to applause.
Asked if they would time travel if they were able, Lotz said she wouldn’t go to the future, but she’d go to the past, but not her own past. She’d observe like a fly on the wall to watch the past. Routh said he might watch some events in his life again, but he wouldn’t want to go to the future either, that would “mess with his head”.
Lotz said she loved the scene where Eva and Sara were in bed together, just laying around in pajamas, rather than filming outside in the rain. She also had fun making out with Matt Ryan as Constantine.
An audience member thanked Lotz for portraying a character who helped her “come out” to her own family as bisexual, and Lotz thanked her for her “kind words” and expressed her happiness that Sara, as a character, helps people do difficult things like this.
Routh loved being a knight in shining armor in the medieval episode, but he’s also liked the “circus wardrobe” and the disco outfits. Purcell said he refused to wear the disco outfits to laughter, and “100 percent” often refuses to wear things when he goes into wardrobe.
Asked who they might like to join the Legends, Lotz said Iris West, just because she’s her friend and she’d enjoy it. Routh said Felicity, because it would give Ray someone to talk about tech with.
Routh said his favorite superhero is Superman, and he has enjoyed reading all the Atom comics, being partial.
Asked how Eva will interact with the other Legends in the next season, Routh said that he was the one that had to break the news to Eva that she’s a clone as Ray, so that created a connection and hopefully a friendship. Lotz remained tight-lipped about the future.
Asked what they would do if they were stuck in a time loop for an hour, as a chosen activity, Lotz feels she’d behave similarly to Zari, eating a lot of food, learning to play the violin.
Asked what super power they might have wanted growing up, Routh said flying, Lotz said super speed.
Asked about future episodes of Prison Break, Purcell said “it’s being written” and it’s very likely it’ll happen, to applause.
Asked what she finds important about her portrayal of Sara Lance as bisexual, Lotz said the “normality” of not explaining that she likes boys and she likes girls. It’s just not a big deal in the show, and that’s significant for Lotz.
Asked if they enjoy doing stunts, and if they have any advice about it, Routh said to buy good pads. Purcell said he gets grumpy about having to do stunts, but once he’s doing it, he finds himself enjoying it and remembering that the physicality of it engages him. Lotz said that it’s about finding community of like-minded people helped her when she was getting into stunts. They’d teach each other skills and learn from each other. It’s a social thing and a fun thing, and you get good at things from doing them a lot.

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