Rosenberg And Land Are Poised To Take Astonishing X-Men To New Heights

by Hannah Means Shannon

Marvel have announced a change up in the creative team for Astonishing X-Men, and one that is teasing a role for the X-Men that we might not be expecting, giving them greater limelight in the Marvel Universe.
On This Week in Marvel, writer Matthew Rosenberg (Punisher, New Mutants) and artist Greg Land (The Incredible Hulk) were announced as taking over the series with issue #13.

We’ll find Beast, Dazzler, Colossus, Havok and Warpath in this new series, and Rosenberg says:

We’re taking a slightly different approach to our X-Men on this team. The reasons they are together and what their mission is means that they are playing a role in the Marvel Universe that the X-Men haven’t played in a while.

Astonishing X-Men #13 will arrive in comic shops in July 2018.
Art and Cover by GREG LAND
On Sale 7/4/18

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