Happy Birthday Danger Girl! J. Scott Campbell’s Danger Girl: Twenty Years Arrives This Week From IDW

by Olly MacNamee

To help celebrate Danger Girl’s 20th anniversary, IDW will be publishing J. Scott Campbell’s Danger Girl: Twenty Years this week, including, for the first time, Campbell’s full pencils from that first issue as well as so much more. Read on to find out the full details, then stick around for our preview pages too.

It’s been 20 years since Danger Girl #1 exploded onto the comics scene, and IDW is celebrating in a unique way! We’re presenting J. Scott Campbell’s pencils from the preview story and first issue—all scanned from the artist’s personal archives—for the FIRST TIME. A true rarity if there ever was one! Also in this prestige collection, the preview and issue #1 stories inked and colored, offering fans a chance to peruse both versions! If you love J. Scott Campbell’s art—and who doesn’t?—you’ll be able to see Danger Girl like never before, and in its purest form!


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