You Need To Be Playing Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze On The Switch

by Christine Marie Attardo

It is always a good day when you stumble upon a fantastic co-op game. Last Friday brought the release of Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze and wow has it delivered. Now, I am writing this review based on my experience playing the co-op version of the game, but it does have a single player mode as well.
Back in March, Nintendo released a Kirby game. Desperate for something new to play, my boyfriend and I bought it and were completely disappointed by the game. The multi-player strategy just wasn’t good. It was such an easy game, almost too easy. Last week, we bought Donkey Kong with our fingers crossed. Thankfully, it was a great value. This game is challenging, unique, and full of extra bonus fun. The graphics are stunning.

Here are some details about the game from Nintendo:

It’s packed with vine-swinging, jungle-exploring, ocean-diving, ground-pounding Kong action that you can enjoy solo or with a pal in two-player co-op mode. Play together anytime, anywhere. And in new Funky Mode, play as DK’s bodacious buddy Funky Kong! During two-player co-op, each player can use a single Joy-Con™ controller, so no additional accessories are required!

Take a look at some of the game-play footage below:

Don’t miss out on this game. It is worth the $65.00.

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