A Doctor Who Classic Series Marathon Is Coming Twitch

by Erik Amaya


Twitch continues to reach out as a purveyor of prerecorded streaming offerings with word that the Classic Series of Doctor Who will stream on the service starting May 29th. According to Variety, more than 500 episodes will “air” on the services in 6-7 hour daily blocks every weekday from next week.
Of course, the use of the phrase “500 episodes” is imprecise as an episode of the classic Doctor Who is a 25-minute segment of a larger story. From its inception in 1963, Doctor Who employed a serial format. Stories were generally told in over the course of four to six episodes. There are exceptions as one later season experimented with 48-minute episodes and an early season attempted a 12-part story.
In modern parlance, the whole story would be considered an episode while in technical terms, each 25-minute unit constitutes an episode. Since the classic series featured 276 stories, once must assume the episode total represents the raw number of 25-minutes segments available to Twitch.
It should also be remembered that 97 episodes are missing and considered lost; meaning viewers will still miss a handful of stories from the eras of the First and Second Doctor.
Nonetheless, it’s the perfect opportunity for fans of the New Series to immerse themselves in the varied and crazy world of the Classic Series.
Doctor Who begins streaming on Twitch May 29th.

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