Beloved Characters Develop Over Time: Rick Jones Vs. Snapper Carr

by Benjamin Hall

**Spoilers For Justice League Of America (1960-1987), Captain Marvel #17 (1969), Invasion (1988-1989), and various other titles.
Both Snapper Carr and Rick Jones debuted in the 1960s. Snapper Carr first appeared along with the monster Starro and the heroic Justice League Of America, in The Brave And The Bold #28 (1960). He would then go on to become a mascot-like unofficial member of the Justice League for the first 20 something issues of Justice League Of America (1960-1987). After which he would appear off and on until being written out by Denny O’Neil in issue 77 of Justice League of America (1969).

Rick Jones first appeared along with Doctor Robert Bruce Banner, and his alter ego the Hulk, two years after Carr in The Incredible Hulk #1 (1962). While Rick Jones is a notable supporting cast member for many of the Hulk’s adventures, he also is partly the cause for the formation of The Avengers (Via Loki’s radio interference in Avengers #1 [1963]). Jones would then quickly go on to being a regular sidekick or partner for various other characters including the Kree Captain Mar-vell a.k.a Captain Marvel (Captain Marvel #17 [1969]). Jones would later continue to the present as an adventurer and aid to super-heroes, including finally being a super-hero himself as A-Bomb (Hulk #6 [2008]). 

Snapper Carr, on the other hand, would languish in the back issues of comic fans collections until the event series Invasion (1988-1989) and the one issue spin-off Blasters Special (1989). Though he was given the superpower of snapping his fingers to teleport, this attempt at retooling his character would be a non-starter. While Carr would make more appearances including in Young Justice (1998-2003) and Hourman (1999-2001), he has remained undeveloped and obscure.
Therefore while both Jones and Carr have slightly similar starting points, they have deviated to the point that they are perfect mirrors of each other. In conclusion, they are opposite examples of how developing characters over enough time will both raise awareness of them and allow them to become beloved.

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