“Out of the Wood. Into the City” – The Heartwarming Christopher Robin Full Trailer

by Christine Marie Attardo

I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who doesn’t like Winnie the Pooh, though I’m sure those humans exist. The classic set of Disney characters has managed to warm the hearts of generation after generation of children, but what happens when we grow up?
Disney’s upcoming Summer film, Christopher Robin shows us just what happens when we become adults and forget about the lessons we learned from our childhood friends…or bear! Take a look:

The film will follow adult Christopher Robin as he tries to balance family and his work life. Faced with a predicament, an old friend appears to advise him as he used to. Good old Pooh bear!

I think the reason I’m most excited about this film is because all ages will be able to relate. Sure, I didn’t have imaginary friends as a kid, but I did idolize every single Disney movie I watched. The heartwarming tales brought lessons and meaning to my life. I think Christopher Robin is going to do that for the adult generation of Disney fans.
We have all mostly grown out of believing in the lessons we learned from Disney films, but have we really? Time to test out your heartstrings and see Christopher Robin on August 3rd.

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