Dominic Cooper Promises An “Extraordinarily Violent” Season In Preacher First Look Video

by Erik Amaya

Preacher is gearing up for its third season and AMC has released a short behind-the-scenes first look video. In it, cast and crew discuss some of the new characters coming to the series, like Betty Buckley’s Gran’ma, while Joseph Gilgun mentions his delight in getting to fight this year. Indeed, fighting seems to be a key element of the show this season as star Dominic Cooper calls it “extraordinarily violent.” Considering the story takes Jesse home to Angelville — and the violence unleashed there in the comics — his words may even be an understatement.

In season three, Jesse and the gang face down his grandmother and her crew while the Grail accelerates its own plans — whether Jesse likes it or not. It appears the series will bring the Messiah into the proceedings. But as seen in the pages of Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s Preacher, it becomes obvious to Herr Starr (played by Pip Torrens on the series) that the boy, an inbred last vestige of Jesus’s bloodline, is in no shape to lead a chicken dinner. The conclusion to that story is one of the most profane and hilarious moments in all of Preacher. If the show commits to the key details of the story, it may finally court the show some real controversy when audiences discover who this last scion’s ancestor is supposed to be.
Preacher returns on June 24th.

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