Five Points Festival 2018: Over 80 Glorious Photos Of Designer Toys & Collectibles

by Hannah Means Shannon

Photo credits to Russell Shannon
The Five Points Festival was held for its second year over the weekend of June 2nd and June 3rd, and one of big focuses of the show is Designer Toys, while “street art” more generally, as well as good trucks and craft beer, are part of their ethos, too. The DTA’s, or Designer Toy Awards, have been running longer, for 8 years now, but joined forces with Five Points both last year and this year for their awards event, and for showcasing the winners at the Festival itself.
As such, this show is the place to be for original, handmade vinyl and plastic toys particularly, and toys that have been custom altered with artistic vision in mind. If you have any interest in handmade art or in toys, this show would have been very satisfying for you. But fear not, we’ve gathered our best photos that focus in on the toys themselves.

Here’s that glorious toy-focused photogallery:

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