Infinite Dark: Murder And Mystery In Space By Cady, Mutti And Image/Top Cow

by Olly MacNamee

Written by Ryan Cady, illustrated by Andrea Mutti, and coloured by K. Michael Russell, Image/Top Cow announce an all-new, sinister ongoing sci-fi series, Infinite Dark, coming this Fall. This marks Ryan Cady’s first creator-owned series with the publisher.

In INFINITE DARK, the universe has ended, but humanity has survived. For years, the passengers and crew of the vessel Orpheus found the endless void between realities to be a surprisingly peaceful home.
Then they found a body—bloodied, brutalized, and surrounded by inscrutable runes. As Security Director Deva Karrell investigates the Orpheus’ first murder, she’ll come face to face with a horror from beyond the confines of time itself…

Infinite Dark #1 will launch from Top Cow/Image Comics this October 2018.

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