Fans Are Taking Things Too Far With Their Waluigi Passion

by Christine Marie Attardo

Excitement continues to build for the release of the new Super Smash Bros Ultimate game for the Switch, but fans are still struggling with a certain character’s treatment. This morning, it was difficult to avoid seeing news about fans of Waluigi taking things a bit too far on social media.
I came across this Tweet regarding creator Sakurai:

After scrolling for a few minutes, I was surprised at the content I was seeing. There was even a meme using a photo from 9/11. Yes, this is the Internet, so we see a lot of things, but is the harassment to this creator necessary? I think not.
Nintendo Life shared:

The fact that Waluigi never seems to catch a break has become something of a running joke in the world of Nintendo. When Smash Bros. Ultimate was revealed at E3 the reaction was initially light-hearted, with brands like Netflix getting in on the action. Waluigi will be part of the game – just as he’s been in previous installments – but he’s going to be an assist trophy rather than a playable character.

Unfortunately, all of this has led to Sakurai blocking several different accounts on his social media. Calm down folks. I love Waluigi a lot, in fact, he was one of my favorite Mario Party characters to play as for a long time.
However, If they aren’t going to make an Animal Crossing game for the Switch, they aren’t going to bring Waluigi back as a playable character in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. It’s sad, but true.

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