Behind The Scenes On Slaine: Kiss My Axe By Pat Mills Is Free To Download Now

by Olly MacNamee

Pat Mills has put out a further book in a growing canon of prose he has recently turned his talent to, and this time round it’s part one of a proposed 4 book series recounting his time on Sláine, who he co-created with his then wife, Angela Kincaid for 2000AD. To give it it’s full title, Kiss My Axe, Sláine The Warped Warrior: The Secret History, this first part is available as a free download for anyone who has proof of purchase of Mills’s last book, Goodnight, John-Boy, a fictitious, black-humoured account of his time in UK comics during the seedy seventies which I’ve enjoyed immensely last year.
Part one of Kiss My Axe covers Mills’s research and inspiration in Celtic history and mythology and how Sláine was conceived with a focus on the early artists who contributed to the definitive look, Kincaid, McMahon and Bellardinelli. Knowing Mills, this memoir will be both entertaining and explosive with his accounts of the behind-the-scenes politics as he remembers them.
Here’s the deal, people: send your receipt/proof-of-purchase for Goodnight, John-Boy, or a photo of them with the book, as proof of purchase. You’ll then get a download link to Part One.
Here’s more information from Mills himself about what to expect form this first installment:

The key Celtic sources of myths & legends and where the warp-spasm comes from; how I based the plot of Sláine on myself; the secrets of Zarjaz and the failed artist coup d’etat; the secret story of Mike McMahon’s incredible Sky Chariots and the special edition we all want to see; with illustrations of key scenes such as the original helmeted version of Sláine!

With my own fascination with Celtic mythology and growing up with Sláine myself, it’s a must read for me. As a comic book fan, it’s a great insight into the history behind one of the 2000AD’s most iconic and endearingly popular characters too.
Send you receipts, pics, or whatever to the following link and get your e-book for free. I already have!
Happy reading.

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