SDCC 2018 Exclusives: Laughing Prince Adam Masters Of The Universe From Super 7

by Olly MacNamee

If I had to wear the clothes Prince Adam wore when he wasn’t He-Man, I’d laugh too, or cry. As a meme, we all were reminded again fondly of cartoon and toy line from our childhoods, recently covered in great depth in the excellent Netflix series, The Toys That Made Us.
It’s also in the episode on The Masters of the Universe that I first stumbled across retro-toy manufacturers, Super 7 and their dope line in classic Masters of the Universe retro-figures done with a tone of love, attention to detail, and most definitely a knowing wink to their fans too.

This SDCC they’re winking with us even harder as they release this joyous creation, a laughing Prince Adam complete with really, really cool looking packaging too. It’ll only be available from the Super 7 pop-up event during Comic-Con 2018, outside the convention on 8th Avenue in San Diego. Happy hunting for this one.

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