Hector Hammond Attacks In Hal Jordan And The GLC #47

by James Ferguson

Hal Jordan has lost his mind. No, it’s not crazy again. Hector Hammond has basically mind-wiped him out in space. Meanwhile, Kyle tries one more time to get Orion and the New Gods to help the Green Lantern Corps face the Dark Stars and Guy Gardner faces Arkillo with the life of his father on the line. All of this is happening as the threat of the Dark Stars, and their hard line stance on justice looms in the distance.

Let’s start with Hal. We’ve heard time and time again that he’s the greatest Green Lantern of them all. It can get a little annoying, however he’s proven this fact repeatedly. Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #47 is yet another reason he’s earned that title. He’s basically a being of pure will at this point. His ring (which he created himself) fights back against Hammond’s mental attacks, screaming the truth from within. Letterer Dave Sharpe works over time here with a number of different types of balloons from the varied voices popping up in Hal’s head.
This builds to a monumental mental struggle as Hal breaks free of Hammond’s clutches. We’re treated to a few flashbacks to moments from earlier in the series along the way. This also serves to remind us that writer Robert Venditti is wrapping up his seminal run on the title soon. Colorist Jason Wright shows these in a lighter tone, like they’re popping up as faded memories. They’re green-hued, of course.

As dangerous as Hammond is, he still looks ridiculous. Artist Fernando Pasarin does a fine job with the Green Lanterns, but there’s not much he can do with this lollipop of a character. Pasarin makes him look less like a disheveled, drooling mess. He’s more of an eerie specter, floating about with a stoic look on his face. It’s creepy instead of revolting.
Kyle’s storyline is a little lackluster as it reached a conclusion we all saw coming. Orion definitely owed him a favor for saving his life, however he has no horse in this race. He’s coming out of obligation, unlike General Zod, Arkillo, and Hammond who will undoubtedly be targets for the Dark Stars sooner or later. His inclusion in the inevitable battle will be a fun addition though.

Guy’s story was emotional, but a bit perplexing. I mentioned in my review of the previous issue that this hatred for his father, while justified, seemed to come out of nowhere in this arc. Venditti explains this sudden turn, however it does feel rather out there for a plan.
What makes this work is Guy’s interaction with Arkillo. These are two soldiers that come from opposing factions that will never find peace. Despite their differences, they have a mutual respect for combat and for each other. Arkillo really steps up here and shows how much of a friend he is to Guy when the Lantern needed one the most.

Pasarin somehow makes this hulking alien beast look humble and concerned. He takes some major hits from Guy in an effort to save his friend, using his words instead of his fists to talk some sense into him. Arkillo never looks silly or weak either. He just cares about his buddy.
We’re left with one major cliffhanger by the end of Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #47. It’s not an unexpected one, as this arc has been building towards a confrontation between the Corps and the Dark Stars. The ring-slingers are outnumbered and outgunned. They just have to hope that the good they’ve done over the past few months will bring enough karma to help them in their most dire moments. The fate of the galaxy depends on it.
Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #47 from DC Comics is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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