Anime Expo 2018: Dood, New RPGs & Fighting Games Are Coming From NISA

by Gary Catig

The subgenre of video games I enjoy most are turn-based strategy RPGs like Final Fantasy Tactics and Fire Emblem. One of my favorite series in that subgenre is Disgaea, where you play as demons trying to fight your way through the fictional universe known as the Netherworld. You could imagine my excitement when I learned the game’s publisher, NIS America (NISA), would be holding their own panel at Anime Expo. They had plenty of news about their future products which included various JRPGs and titles from SNK.

The first game they revealed was RPG Maker MV, which is due out some time in 2019. The game allows the user to become a developer as they create their own adventure. They can then share it online for other players to experience. One aspect they highlighted was the ability to incorporate a side scrolling action mode for boss battles.  RPG Maker will be released on PS4, Nintendo Switch and surprisingly, Xbox One.

Next, for those who missed the original Disgaea on the PS2, there will be Disgaea 1 Complete for the Switch and PS4. It will have updated graphics appropriate for the current consoles and players can experience how the series began. NISA experienced so much success when they made the complete experience for Disgaea 5, that they wanted to rerelease the first in the series. It will come out October 9, 2018.

Afterwards, they discussed Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk. It is a dungeon crawler RPG adventure and is from the same developmental team as Disgaea. Fans of Etrian Odyssey should enjoy this game. Labyrinth of Refrain will be available on the Switch, PS4 and Steam on September 18, 2018.

They then spoke about The Princess Guide, an action strategy RPG. It is described as the spiritual successor to NISA’s Penny-Punching Princess gameplay wise but with more strategy involved. No official date has been set but expect it in 2019.

Not all the games they announced were RPGs. Coming September 7, 2018 is SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy. It is a fighting game that will be on the Switch and PS4. They also revealed new playable character Mui Mui leaving only one more to be announced.

Continuing with the SNK theme, there will be a collection of their retro games to celebrate 40 years of the publisher. The SNK 40th Anniversary Collection comes out November 13, 2018 and will include 23 different titles. At present, only 13 of those titles have been revealed and they focus mainly on the arcade library with some console titles. This will be the first time Crystalis will be available since its original release. They plan on announcing the final 10 selections at a later date and there is no word whether any Neo-Geo titles are planned for the collection.

Finally, NISA is revamping an old PS Vita game and releasing The Caligula Effect: Overdose in early 2019. It was created with a new game engine and will contain new characters. If people feels it reminds them of Persona 1 and 2, that’s because it comes from the same creative team. The game will be on the Switch, PS4, and Steam.

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