Pour Some Tea And Theories: What Will The Downton Abbey Movie Be About?

by Christine Marie Attardo

Words cannot describe how absolutely thrilled I am about the confirmation of a Downton Abbey movie, but I’m going to try to express my excitement here as best I can.

This past weekend, it was announced that the movie would begin filming this summer and will be released in 2019. Yep, we only have to wait a year! I’ll take it.
The wonderful news arrived like this:

…and the original series location confirmed that the cast would return!

It is also confirmed that series regulars will return, many of which confirmed their participation on social media. As soon as I saw Michelle Dockery who plays Mary on board, I was sold. Now if only Maggie Smith was on Twitter…
The last time we saw the Crawley family, this is what they looked like. I have a theory about what the movie might be about.

At least, I’m going to call it some wishful thinking. With three children in the mix when the series ended in 2016, four if you count Anna and Bates’ baby, there was a lot of hope for the future of Downton. I would absolutely be thrilled if we got to see these children grown up…perhaps in their teens? I really want to see some serious evolution in the Downton house. With that said, I would be happy if they just had them all sitting around a table drinking tea for two hours.
If only Matthew could come back as a ghost…

The Downton Abbey movie will release in 2019.

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