SDCC 2018: Go-Bots Return In New Mini-Series From IDW Publishing

by James Ferguson

We’re all familiar with the Transformers, but do you remember the lesser known transforming toys from the ’80s known as the Go-Bots? For years, they’ve been the butt of jokes. This October, they’ll get some time in the spotlight with a new five-issue mini-series from IDW Publishing. Written and illustrated by Tom Scioli, the comic will be the first story to feature toy line and cartoon characters like Leader-1, Scooter, Turbo, and Cy-Kill’s Renegades in over thirty years.

Writer / Artist Tom Scioli says:

This is a dream project – I’m writing, drawing, coloring, and hand-lettering this book. It’s a labor of love. When these characters were conceived of in the ’80s, the idea of robots with human personalities was science fiction. Now, it’s history. The world of living machines is here – we’re living it. The time is right for Go-Bots!

The series takes place in a time when the existence of the Go-Bots on Earth has changed mankind’s way of life. They do the jobs that are too boring or dangerous for us, like driving us around or protecting us from harm. They also fight our wars and befriend the lonely. The only thing they don’t do is dream for us…but what if that could change? Leader-1 and the Guardians have said they’re here to help us, but as they become more integrated into our society, they could very well replace us.
IDW Associate Publisher David Hedgecock added:

Avant-garde creator Tom Scioli has been pushing the comic book storytelling medium for nearly two decades now and his work on Go-Bots is yet another watershed moment in his career. It is a testament to the strong collaboration between IDW Publishing and Hasbro, that projects like this can exist on licensed properties.

Look for the first issue of Go-Bots at your local comic shop in October 2018.

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