Fantastic Four #1: What We Know From LFCC 2018

by Olly MacNamee

During London Film and Comic Con (LFCC) this year, Dan Slott, along with Sara Pichelli sat down and discussed the forthcoming Fantastic Four relaunch with the gathered crowd. While Slott was reticent to give away too much, he did let one or two bits of interesting information drop, and I was there to hear them on your behalf. Here’s what I learnt:

  1. Dan intends to stay on this title for a long time. Just as he did on Spider-Man. I wonder how far he’s planned already, and who he’s going to use from the impressive toy box at his disposal.
  2. With Doctor Doom’s return (in the Simone Bianchi drawn back up strip) expect to witness Latveria’s own state sanctioned superhero, Victorious, in coming issues.
  3. Look out for the return of Alicia Master and Wyatt Wingfoot, personal favourites of mine, and Dan’s too. And, Willie Lumpkin. Look out for him in this very first issue. Courtesy of Skottie Young!
  4. When I quizzed him on whether we’d be seeing the Silver Surfer in the pages of the FF, Dan reported that we wouldn’t be seeing him anytime soon because what he had done with Mike Allred in his now defunct Silver Surfer series was his and Allred’s ‘baby’. He didn’t want to mess with that, but did conclude that ‘His master won’t show up.’ And, I think we all know who that would be. Be ready to be devoured, people of Earth.
  5. While there are no plans for H.E.R.B.I.E. to make an appearance in The Fantastic Four, do expect him to pop onto the other book Slott is currently writing, Tony Stark: Iron Man.

That’s about it, folks. But, at least we’ve now got a better idea of what lies ahead for FF fans. and remember to pop on by later this week when I will be reviewing the first issue, out this Wednesday 8th August.

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