Death Or Glory #4 Is One Part Bullit, One Part Breaking Bad

by Olly MacNamee

What started out as a great comic about a badly planned heist going even more badly wrong – all in the name of saving her father – has become a high stakes race to the finish line as Glory, Pablo and his niece, try to outrun the whole criminal fraternity of dustbowl America. One part Bullit and another part Breaking Bad, this has been a high octane, but with low morals, series that has seen some pretty eccentric antagonists crawl out from under the desert rocks and who now aim to taking down Glory. She’s outnumbered on all sides, but we’re still rooting for her as one of the very few morally centred characters still standing. Even if the bar of comparison is pretty low in a book full of nasty people doing nasty things.

As we have discovered, Glory’s life hasn’t been the best, but she was happy. And that’s all you can hope for in this life. But, will she even survive to see Red, her father, ever again? Bengal’s art, once again, shines, and really offers the sense of panic in the faces of Pablo, Glory and Isabella, while skillfully implying speed and movement when depicting the frantic car chases that are as much as staple of this series as anything else. Rick Remender, juggling a number of monthly books at the moment, once again delivers a book with a heart. Glory just wants the best for her dad. She never thought she’d ever have to be battling off the local heavies as well as her own despicable ex-husband.
Time is ticking and the engines are revved. With one more issue of this current arc to come, you need to ask yourself, how the Hell is she going to get out of this mess on one piece? Let’s all agree to meet up here again in a month and find out, shall we?
Death or Glory #4 is out now from Image Comics.

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