Bart Allen Returns To Play A Pivotal Role In The Flash

by James Ferguson

I’ve mentioned in several reviews of The Flash that Bart Allen is my favorite speedster. I was super excited to see him return in his old Impulse outfit at the end of The Flash #50, wrapping up the “Flash War” arc. We’ve had two issues since then and Bart hasn’t shown up.
It’s funny because I ran into writer Joshua Williamson at on the convention floor at New York Comic Con last year. I asked him about Bart because it was a perfect opportunity to do so. He gave a cryptic answer, basically telling me anything is possible and to keep reading. I didn’t think much of it at the time. Little did I know that he’s been working to bring Bart back from the beginning.

CBR caught up with Williamson at San Diego Comic Con last month where he revealed not only how often he tried to bring the character in, but how long he was able to keep it a secret. When he was finally able to put Bart into a script, he figured someone was going to stop him but everything lined up and it worked out.
Bart will play a pivotal role in The Flash moving forward as a larger threat looms in the distance.
Williamson says:

The event that is ‘Flash War,’ that was really the first battle in the war. There’s a really big story we’re building to. There’s a lot of unresolved stuff on purpose, because this is the opening battle of the big story we’ve got planned.

I can’t wait to see how Bart will shake things up in The Flash. I’m eagerly awaiting his return to the overall narrative.

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