Ironheart Blasts Into Her Own Ongoing Series This November

by James Ferguson

Riri Williams, the brilliant young African-American woman who was able to recreate the Iron Man suit without Tony Stark’s vast resources, is getting her own ongoing series from Marvel Comics this November. As announced on The Chicago Tribune and, Ironheart will be written by Eve L. Ewing and illustrated by Kevin Libranda. The series picks up with Riri setting off on her own path.

Ewing told the Chicago Tribune in an interview:

People don’t just gravitate toward Hulk or Captain America or Spider-Man because of their powers, the reason they say so-and-so is my favorite superhero is because of who they are as people and about what they stand for. So I think the really exciting thing is really building out Riri, not as just Ironheart, but who is she as a person?

There will be some folks that will hate on this announcement, but this is most definitely a great thing. Marvel has shown a dedication to diversity and inclusiveness. Everyone should have a hero they can identify with, and for young African-American women, Ironheart can be that hero.

Look for Ironheart #1 at your local comic shop on November 7th, 2018. It will feature a regular cover by Amy Reeder and variant covers by Humberto Ramos, Stephanie Hans, Luciano Vecchio, Jamal Campbell, Skottie Young, and Jen Bartel.

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