What I Want To See From Future Superman Movies

by Tito W. James

Henry Cavil may no longer be playing Superman, which begs the question as to who should play Superman and where could the film franchise go from here?

A new Superman movie would be a stand alone film much like the proposed Joker Origins film. The film would focus on telling one high quality story rather than setting up sequels or shared-universes. This Superman film would explore ideas from the comics that we haven’t seen on the big screen– rather a remake of any previous Superman movies with updated graphics. With these perimeters set, I’ll walk you through what I want to see in a future Superman film.

I believe that John Hamm would work as a more mature Kingdom Come-style Superman. Hamm has the charisma to make Superman someone who’s charming but also tough.

This Superman could have been first active as a superhero in 1938; fighting Lex Luthor and marrying Lois before  disappearing for decades. Time would pass, but he wouldn’t age until we are in a distant future version of Metropolis. With similar themes as Skyfall, Superman must reassess whether he’s still relevant in a future world where technology has advanced to the point where anyone can be super.

I’d love to see Hayden Panettiere as Powergirl. Yes Panettiere is very beautiful, but she’s got spunk, grit, and an attitude that commands respect. By including Powergirl it opens up the dynamic of Superman dealing with younger fresher heroes. She could learn from him and he could learn from her.

Toyman is one of Superman’s most underrated villains who would be really fun to explore in live action. Hiro Okamura, in particular would be a blast because of his love of anime and video games. Hiro creates killer toys, openly crushes on Powergirl, and could easily switch sides and become a good guy.

Brainiac would serve as the villain that forces Clark out of retirement and creates the need for Superman, Powergirl, and Toyman to band together for earth’s survival. He’s an iconic villain whose big-screen debut is long over-due.

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