5 Point Discussions – Black Clover 50: “End Of The Battle, End Of Despair”

by Sage Ashford

Vetto’s been finally defeated, and our heroes have recovered the magic stone of the Underwater Temple. But what comes next for Asta and the others? More importantly, how does the Midnight Sun respond to being soundly defeated? Remember, if you like this article and 5 Point Discussions, please share it on Facebook or Twitter! It really helps. And if you’ve got any comments or questions, please hit me up @SageShinigami.

1. For the first time all series, the Midnight Sun group looks like they’re in a losing position. Every time they’ve dealt with the Magic Knights before there’s always been some plan within a plan, or something they were holding back. The Wizard King showed up at the end of their first encounter and killed a few of their low-level followers, but Licht made off with the rest and they’d successfully torn through the capital city of Clover Kingdom. When they were draining kids of their magical energy and got into it with the Black Bulls, Asta took out Licht but the Third Eye successfully fought off all the Magic Knight Captains with ease.
But there really wasn’t an upside to their encounter this time. All their mages were defeated (and worse, captured), Vetto’s dead, and they lost the magic stone they were after. They appear in this episode while watching Licht, who’s still recovering from the beatdown he got from Yami, and there’s a decidedly subdued tone to their conversation…because they don’t have a plan in their back pocket for once. Presumably the next time we see them they’re going to need to go big or go home, ’cause they’re really on the back foot after this.

2. After the Black Bulls finish off Vetto and the other Midnight Sun members, the elder of the Underwater Temple is all too happy to hand over the magic stone the guys have been looking for…he just doesn’t know what it is. Y’know, it seems like this happened with the first magic stone back at the beginning of the series–no one even seems to know what these things are nevermind how they’re used. Whoever hid them initially must have done a really good job, though thi does make this entire arc seem even more ridiculous in hindsight.
The priest didn’t know what the magic stone was, he just took advantage of them looking for something to make them participate in some crappy game? Why would you play around with anyone looking for powerful magical artifacts and skilled enough to reach a location like a temple that exists underwater protected by magical currents? Jeez, he’s lucky the Black Bulls were there or things would have gotten much more messy.

3. Wrapping up the Underwater Temple stuff, Noelle visits the injured Kahono and Kiato and we get to see the aftermath of their encounter with Vetto. The guy sliced Kahono’s throat and cut off Kiato’s leg so they’re a long way from being the song and dance duo they want to be, but shonen series like this have a way of bringing characters like this back so I won’t say their story is done. There’s a bit at the end where Kahono tries to sing in honor of the work the Black Bulls have put in, but her voice isn’t strong enough so Kiato (and then the rest of the village) sings for her. It’s a cute moment, but it also made me wonder how cool it would be to see them swap roles and learn to master each other’s specialties for awhile before finding someone to fix them.  Them being healed feels like more of a formality than anything else too, especially after watching Vetto regenerate from a much more dangerous injury, so why not have a bit of fun before you restore them?

4. It’s hard not to get the sense Charmy is far more powerful than anyone on the Black Bulls actually realizes. It’s one thing to use her cotton magic to capture the mages, but to shrink them as well? Magna points out how absurdly powerful a sealing spell like that must be, and she doesn’t seem to even realize what she’s done. This isn’t the first time she’s shown off abilities of this level either, presumably because being a comedy character Tabata can afford to make her super strong since it’s easy enough to distract her or keep her out of the game.

5. Next Episode: With this mission finally done, you’d think the next big mission would be to report back to the Wizard King. But why waste time? Why not jump headlong into the next arc? This series was meant to come to an end with the next episode, but recently it was confirmed they would get a second season “starting in the fall”, which is basically already here. Guess we’ll be continuing on soon into the really fun bits of the manga. Look forward to it.
Black Clover is available for streaming on Crunchyroll and Hulu.

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