Jeremy Davies Joins The Arrowverse Crossover

by Erik Amaya


The stars of the 2018 Arrowverse crossover may be facing a date with destiny.
Deadline reports Jeremy Davies will appear in the story as Arkham Asylum inmate Dr. John Deegan. The slight name change does little to hide the character’s comic book origins as Doctor Destiny. Created by Gardner Fox and Mike Sekowsky in Justice League of America #5, the gadget obsessed John Dee was petty thief who eventually became a formidable Justice League foe with his Materioptikon — a device revealed to be powered by an aspect of The Sandman‘s Dream of the Endless. With it, he can manipulate the apparently reality around him using dreamstuff. In order to stop him, the League hypnotized him into not dreaming and deposited him in Arkham as his dreamless mind would eventually deteriorate into insanity.
Not that his mental state would stop him from plaguing the League and Dream himself over the years.
It is unclear just how powerful television’s John Dee will be. Nevertheless, Davies is a great fit for the part. So much so, he should play the character in a Sandman film or television show. Provided, of course, such a thing ever materializes.
The Arrowverse crossover debuts in December.

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